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How to set up group offer tickets
How to set up group offer tickets

Setting up promotional group offer tickets.

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Group offers are a great way to drive sales by offering a discount on orders of multiple tickets.

When doing this it's important to make sure that your ticket face value correctly reflects the discount you're promoting and that each customer entering your event receives an individual bar-coded ticket.

This example walks through setting up a group discount ticket - 4 for the price of 3, however, you can apply the same steps to any similar offer. To get started, select the event you would like to add a group offer to and click manage tickets and view tickets. Click the Add tickets button.

1) Firstly, you should ensure that the name of your ticket and the description/conditions clearly indicate the details of the offer. Another example offer could be Buy One Get One Free (2 for the price of 1).

2) Next you should set the min and max per order as the amount of tickets you are offering

Under ‘Advanced Options’, head to the Minimum & Maximum purchase amount.

Here it is only possible to purchase 4 tickets at a time. This ensures customers can only purchase this amount at a reduced price and that each attendee receives an individual ticket with a unique bar code.

3) Next you need to work out the face value of your offer tickets to correctly reflect the discount.

For this example, our Standard ticket will be £5.

This means 3 tickets will usually be £15, however we want to offer 4 tickets at the price.

To do this, we need to divide the price of 3 tickets into 4, to ensure we are giving each customer a unique ticket, whilst offering the correct price.

£15 divided by 4 = £3.75

(tip: Ensure your ticket allocation is divisible by your min/max per order.)

Our ticket face value would therefore be £3.75, meaning 4 tickets will add to the face value of £15

(note: purchase of different quantities of tickets may result in varying booking fees)

If you're offering a specific promotion, you may want to consider making your tickets password protected too, for help on setting up a password protected ticket please see HERE.

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