There are 2 steps to follow to adopt the Skiddle Access Scheme on your event(s). These steps are: Adding the correct wording to your event and Adding a Personal Assistant Ticket. This guide will walk you through how to do both of these things, ensuring that you are ready to be a part of our Access Scheme.

Step 1: Adding the correct wording to your event

In order to make it clear to customers that PA tickets are offered for your event, you will need to include the following wording (please copy all the italicised text below to your event main description):

Access Scheme:

We're offering Personal Assistant tickets for customers who need to be accompanied to this event. A Personal Assistant ticket is to be offered for free or discounted when somebody with a disability requires a carer to be in attendance with them. To automatically be eligible, please provide a copy of one of the following pieces of documentation listed below.

  • Front page of DLA / PIP (no specific rate)

  • Front page of Attendance Allowance letter (no specific rate)

  • Evidence that registered severely sight impaired (blind)

  • Recognised Assistance Dog ID card

  • Credibility's Access Card

Step 2: Adding a Personal Assistant Ticket

With the above wording in place, and once the criteria has been met by the customer, we can then provide them with a Personal Assistant ticket. However, first, you will need to create the ticket! To do so, add a new ticket to your event and select "Free online ticket". Name the ticket "Personal Assistant Ticket", as can be seen here:

With that description, the customer can then check the event information and see what they need to do in order to apply for a PA/Carer ticket.

This is how the ticket will look when live on your event page:

Under the allocation heading, set the availability to "Password protected", then choosing "Show ticket, unable to buy until password entered". The amount of PA/Carer tickets you have available is your choice, or dependent upon the venue, so make sure to check these details before adding the ticket. Make sure to set the "Max per order" to 1.

Under the "Ticket pricing" header, make sure to tick "Only allow this ticket to be acquired when paid tickets are purchased".

When you save the ticket, you will be taken to a page to set up the password. This can be ignored, as once the customer has provided us with the required evidence, we will manually issue them a Personal Assistant ticket, applying it to their already existing order.

NB: although these tickets are visible, customers will ONLY be issued with carer\PA tickets once they have been able to provide satisfactory evidence of disability and are in no way open to abuse. It's also a great way to show customers that they are available for your event and you can be safe in the knowledge that any requests are correctly handled by our in-house Customer Care team

Disclaimer: This article contains information applicable to this promotion centre. This isn't currently available in the beta PC, you need to use the Promotion Centre V 1 for this.

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