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How to add a passworded ticket?
How to add a passworded ticket?

All you need to know about passworded tickets

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Adding a password to a ticket is a simple way of adding an exclusive dimension to a particular ticket type, allowing you to run various offers.

To add a passworded ticket head to the ‘View All Events’ tab in the Promotion Centre, and select the event you would like to add the ticket to. On the left click 'View Tickets' and select ‘Add Tickets’.

Follow the ticket template. Once you reach 'View Advanced Options' click on this to open more options. Locate 'Ticket Visibility and click on this. At the bottom of this box select, ‘Password protected’.

Select whether you would like these tickets to be hidden until the password is entered or visible but unable to buy until the password is entered.

Scroll down and click 'Add Ticket'.

Once saved, an unlocked padlock icon will be displayed next to your ticket name. Click on the padlock to open up the Password list window.

Within this window, you can create a specific password for use or use the password generator to random generate a multitude of passwords. The option you choose depends on the nature and security of your passworded ticket.

  • Name the password list

  • Select whether you would like the password(s) to be used more than once - ‘No (single use)’ or ‘Yes (multi use)’.

  • Enter your password(s) one per line in the white text box or use the password generator.

  • Save password list

As soon as the list is saved, the tickets associated with the list will have the password conditions applied.

For more visual learners please see our handy How To video below:

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