Setting up ticket dependencies can be really useful if you have a variety of tickets to sell for your event where you only want to sell one with another and not separately. For example, you may only want a child ticket available for sale if an adult ticket is purchased too. Ticket dependencies will allow you to control the sale of tickets, ensuring sales follow your rules and any stipulations of sale.

When a ticket is set as a dependent this means that specific ticket is locked and cannot be purchased/added to the basket unless the original/parent ticket has been added to the basket.

To set up ticket dependencies, head to the Promotion Centre.

Select the name of your event on the dashboard. Then on the left click manage ticket, then view tickets. (shown below)

Locate the ticket type you would like to lock / make dependent upon another ticket available. Click the cog icon on the right and click edit.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click View Advanced Options. Then click Ticket Dependency. Within the box using the drop-down select as many tickets as you would like that will unlock this ticket.

Example: To make your child tickets dependant upon Adult or Adult VIP, edit the Child ticket and enter both 'Adult' and 'Adult VIP' as the ticket the child ticket is dependant upon.

Once you have selected all the ticket types click update ticket in the bottom right corner.

Once these dependencies have been set up the tickets that are locked will show as greyed out on the listing with a padlock. (Shown Below). By hovering over the ticket, it will illustrate which ticket needs to be purchased to unlock.

In this instance illustrated, to purchase a 'kids ticket', the customer needs to first select to buy an 'adult ticket' and this will then unlock the kids tickets as depicted below.

They will then be able to purchase both ticket types and complete their order.

Top Tips:

Think about the configuration of your ticket dependencies and what rules should apply.

For example, a 'Saturday child ticket' could be set as dependent on a 'Saturday adult ticket' as it is assumed the adult will be in attendance on the same day. However, a '2-day child ticket' should not be set as dependent on a 'Saturday adult ticket' as this would imply the child would be attending for a day on their own.

Another way to look at this is that some customers may wish to attend the full duration of an event/festival but only take their child for certain days. Therefore with ticket dependencies, you can choose to make your day/2 day child tickets or whatever the reduced equivalent option is, dependent on the multi-day options. For instance, an Adult Three Day Ticket and an Adult Two Day Ticket may have the following tickets dependent upon the purchase;

  • Child Day Ticket

  • Child Two Day Ticket

  • Child Three Day Ticket

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