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How can reps earn points and how are they calculated?
How can reps earn points and how are they calculated?

How reps earn points to claim a reward

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Getting started is easy!

Simply sharing the event with friends will automatically start the tracking.

Reps can either share the event URL or news articles regarding the event.

You will find your event URL on the <events dashboard>

Anyone clicking the link and then purchasing a ticket within 30 days on the same device will result in a confirmed sale for the rep.

Please Note: Reps cannot buy tickets for themselves from their own links, this ensures customers don’t use the rep system to get discounts off their own purchases.

Purchases must be made within 30 days of the link click and on the same device.

If a user clears their cookies, this will clear the tracking information.

Points are worked out on the face value of your ticket - 10 points are attributed for every £1

For example, a ticket with a face value of £14 = 140 points.

As shown below you can manage your tiered rewards in the Promotion Centre and add prizes at any time.

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