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How do I use Campaign Tags?
How do I use Campaign Tags?

Using Campaign Tags to track sales

Updated over a week ago

Campaign Tags allow you to track sales purchased via specific links, giving you a breakdown of where tickets have been accessed.

They are very straightforward to set up and are an easy method to track sales - all you need to do is add "?skcampaign=" on the end of your event url followed by the name of the campaign or rep.

For example:

Once sales have been made, you will be able to track the stats of the campaign tag via your account in the Promotion Centre, under Analyse > 'campaign breakdown'.

Campaign Tags function in a similar to way to the Rep system but are predominantly used for you to track sales yourself, as opposed to offering rewards/commission for tickets sold. Campaign Tags and Reps are not to be used at the same time.

Since the Rep system can't be used in conjunction with Stripe payments, Campaign Tags are a great alternative for tracking sales when using Stripe as your payment processor.

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