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How are reps paid?
How are reps paid?

How reps get paid if you choose the cash option.

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If a promoter chooses to pay reps for their ticket sales, they will be paid on the first Tuesday or Thursday of the month after the successful delivery of the event and once the promoter has been paid.

Money will reach the rep’s nominated account within 2 working days. Should a Bank Holiday fall within the payment days, clearance will be delayed by 1 day.

The commission balance due has to be over £10 to be paid, if not it is rolled over to the next month or whenever the threshold is met.

Reps can keep a tab on their sales via their account in the rep area. If the event is cancelled or postponed, rep money will decrease as tickets are refunded.

If you use rewards, no payment is needed, instead, the rep will receive a Rapidscan ticket to claim the prize at your event. This can be scanned using the Rapidscan app.

Please Note: Skiddle is a self-service platform, promoters choose to enable the rep system and set the commissions. If you have any questions in regards to being a rep, please be sure to contact the promoter by heading to and clicking 'contact promoter'.

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