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What is the rep system and where is it available?
What is the rep system and where is it available?

Explanation of the rep system and how it works.

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Our rep system provides you, the promoter, the opportunity to reach a bigger audience by having proactive customers help promote your events!

Customers who opt to be reps, will be rewarded for sharing links and boosting sales. It is also the only service in the UK offering both cash and rewards to participants.

Head here for a guide on getting your commissions/rewards set up on your events.

The reps area is available on both Android and iOS devices and is available to anyone who has purchased a ticket for your event.

To ensure events are eligible, please ensure you turn on reps for your event - ideally set it as <auto approval>. This will mean no delays and reps can start earning straight away.

To enable to rep system select the event you would like to manage reps for on the dashboard.

On the left click <Promotion> and <Manage Reps>

Click the <change> button.

Select in the box (shown below) the relevant option.

Here is a brief explanation of the options you can choose from:

On - Auto Approval - This allows any reps who sign up to start earning commissions immediately.

On - Manual Approval - Any reps that sign up need to be approved by you before starting to earn commissions.

On - No New Reps - Reps currently signed up can carry on earning commissions but no new reps can join.

Off - No new reps can join and no current reps can earn any commission.

You have now enabled reps on your events and reps can choose to join by heading to your event listing/brand page.

Once approved, all your reps need to do is head to to manage their account. They can find their rep links in there. For more information direct your reps to this article so they can learn all they need about repping events.

You can check on how your reps are doing at any time, by heading to the 'Active Reps' column.

This displays all Active reps and how many purchases they have had / how much commission has been earnt.

For more information on reps please see more below:

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