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What commission do you earn?
What commission do you earn?
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A ticket price is made up of two parts. The first part is the face value of the ticket, which is set by the event organiser. We pay this face value directly to the promoter without taking any cut ourselves.

The second part is our booking fee, which is added to cover our margin and operating expenses. This is typically 10 - 15% of the face value and is retained by Skiddle. For sales which you have referred to us, we'll automatically credit you with a percentage of this booking fee (or a flat fee if you prefer).

For a regular club night, earnings start at around 10p - 50p per ticket. For events such as New Year's Eve, or summer festivals, earnings can be up to £4 per ticket.

Commission rates will vary depending upon the size and popularity of your website, as well as how you will be integrating the events. Our commission structures are very generous and payout much higher rates than most other ticket agents. Your commission will start at 30% of our revenue. We review commission rates regularly to reward affiliates who are performing well.

  • - Sell tickets for over 150,000 events
    - Sell tickets from your website, newsletters, facebook group, etc
    - Access to the latest events, including many which are exclusive to Skiddle
    - Link to Skiddle, or use your own whitelabel
    - Full reporting to show your earnings in real-time
    - A range of graphics, banners, buttons and search boxes to help promote your ticket sales

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