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What is the RapidScan fee?

How much is the RapidScan fee and what if I do not scan tickets?

Updated over a week ago

The RapidScan service is designed to aid entry systems for your event, from both a speed and a security aspect. This is done by ensuring only valid ticketholders enter your event with the unique barcode on their RapidScan ticket being scanned upon entry. This also significantly reduces queuing times due to the simple scanning format.

In order to maintain this service, a flat rate starting from 50p* is applied to all orders. The fee covers the cost of the technology behind this service, whilst also including revenue protection and fraud checks.

If all your tickets are under £10, there will be no RapidScan fee applied.

Please note, this fee is per order, not per ticket, so if customers purchase multiple tickets in one transaction they will still only have to pay one RapidScan fee.

RapidScan is our default delivery method and cannot be turned off even if you choose not to use this service. Your customers will still benefit from the system with a unique barcode generated for each ticket purchased.

We encourage all our promoters to scan tickets upon entry at their events. To scan RapidScan barcoded tickets, download our free promoter app via the app stores on iPhone and Android.

*Please note, Skiddle reserve the right to increase the RapidScan fee.

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