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What is the booking fee rate on Skiddle?
What is the booking fee rate on Skiddle?

How are booking fees calculated and who pays them?

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Skiddle provides promoters with a platform to sell tickets with no cost incurred to them. Instead we add a booking fee to the ticket face value and this is paid by the customer, unless stated otherwise. Our default rate for booking fees 10% of the ticket face value, plus 25p, with a minimum booking fee of £1.

For example, a ticket priced at £20 - the the booking fee will be £2.25
This is calculated as (10% of £20, plus 25p).

For tickets which are priced under £10, they will have minimum booking fee of £1.

Generally booking fees are usually paid by the customer, however some promoters do choose to pay these on their behalf. When this is the case, the booking fee is a commission and deducted from the ticket face value. The commission rates are calculated the same as booking fees above.

To set the booking fee as a commission, please select 'I pay fees' from the dropdown menu when setting up your tickets.

For more information see here.

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