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What is Booking Fee Credit?
Updated over a week ago

Customers can now apply for their booking fee to be claimed as a credit when an event they have purchased tickets for is cancelled or postponed and they can no longer attend.

Skiddle are no longer refunding booking fees to customers regardless of when they purchased. Instead, when a customer is refunded or they opt to refund themselves via their Order History it will inform them that we have processed a Face Value ONLY refund. They are then provided with the option to claim their booking fee as credit.

Skiddle remains the only ticket agent to offer credit on booking fees. It is industry standard amongst ticket agents to retain booking fees when events are cancelled or postponed, due to the costs of processing bookings and refunds. However, as a ‘customer-first’ company, this is not something we adhere to.

Customer credit can be redeemed on any future Skiddle order within the next 12 months. It does not need to be an event of the same promoter the booking fee applied to originally and it is simply applied to the new order by ticking a box at the checkout.

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