What happens when I have a new date for my event?

How to update your event when you have a new date

Updated over a week ago

When you have a new date for your postponed event and have updated this via your account in the Promotion Centre customers will be notified by email of the new date automatically.

Within the customer email is a link to their order history to review their options. If a customer can attend the new date, they do not need to do anything with their order, just wait and Skiddle will move their tickets to the rescheduled date after a minimum of 14 days or in line with the refund options length you have chosen.

However, if a customer cannot attend the rescheduled date, one of their options is to refund their tickets. They do this by clicking a link in their order history which is live for 7, 14, 21, 30, 60 or 90 days following the event postponement, depending on your choice when postponing the event.

When the refund link has expired, we enter a 7 day grace period and Skiddle will allow late requests to be acknowledged and processed.

Once the grace period has lapsed, remaining tickets will be transferred to the new event and any requests which are received after the refund window has closed, the customer will either be refunded by our Customer Care team or be advised to contact you directly via their order history contact form, your website contact means or social media channels.

Please be advised that consumer law does permit customers to request a refund at any point and it is your responsibility to deal with their request. Failing to do so may result in chargebacks.

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