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How do I sell tables via Skiddle?
How do I sell tables via Skiddle?
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Table bookings allow you to sell group bookings, adhering to social distancing guidelines whilst keeping a check on your capacity.

Setting up table bookings with Skiddle is simple!

  1. Name your ticket accordingly - ‘One Table - Up to X Guests’

  2. Add in the description the total price for the table

  3. Set the ticket value as the price of one ticket / one individual

  4. Match the minimum and maximum of tickets purchased the same as how many people can sit at the table

  5. Set your allocation as the total number of people can sit round those tables.

For example, based on a table for 4 guests, the ticket would be set up as below.

1. Name: One Table - Up to 4 Guests

2. Ticket description: Total: £120 + BF

3. Price: £30 per head

4. Minimum and Maximum: 4

5. Allocation: 60 - We have 15 tables of 4 tables available to sell, so our allocation is 4 x 15 = 60

Setting up your tickets following these 5 easy steps ensures every member of the booking has their own unique barcode which can be scanned upon entry - allowing you to monitor your event capacity via our RapidScan app!

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