Artist Alerts: FAQs
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Skiddle's Artist Alerts, are automated, personalised alerts which reach users based upon their artist tracking preferences. If your event matches their preferences, they may be sent a push alert, email or browser notification.

Adding and tagging
โ€‹Is my event eligible for Artist Alerts?

To be eligible, your event must have public visibility, be live (not in draft) and have tickets on sale

Which artists can I tag?

You can tag artists which are performing at your event. Artists must be physically present, so please do not tag tribute acts, or artists you are playing "in the style of"

What happens if I tag an incorrect artist?

This will often be picked up by our moderation team. This is then flagged against your account. Repeated mistagging will result in the ability to tag artists being removed from your account, to protect this feature from abuse.

What if I make a mistake?

If you make a mistake, please edit your event and correct the error as soon as possible.

How many people will receive notifications

This depends on the artist, the event and your location.

What time will the notifications be sent?

Notifications are usually sent around 10 minutes after you tag artists on your event. If this is outside of 'sociable hours' (currently 10pm - 8am) the notification will be delayed until this window is over.

Will users receive multiple notifications?

There is a limit of one notification per user per event. If you are drip-feeding your lineup, users will be informed of the first match to their tracking.

Can users disable notifications?

Yes, users can either stop tracking a specific artist to prevent future alerts, or they can disable alerts completely at any time.

What format are the notifications?

Currently, we support iOS and Android mobile push notifications, plus browser notifications on Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

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