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GDPR Promoter FAQs
GDPR Promoter FAQs
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Below you find a list of FAQ’s regarding the new General Data Protection Regulation. We are here to assist you where possible, as let's face it, it's a pretty complicated piece of legislation. However, we do advise you to seek your own legal advice.

Q. What is GDPR?

A. The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is an important piece of legislation that is designed to strengthen and unify data protection laws for all individuals within the European Union. The regulation will become effective and enforceable on the 25th May 2018.

Q. What is going to happen to all my customers data on Skiddle?

A. The first time you download your customers opted in data you will have to sign a new data sharing agreement. You will also have to watch a quick GDPR video.

Q. Why do I have to watch a video?

A. At Skiddle we take customer data seriously. We have introduced a short online video to show compliance. This short video is there to help you understand what you can and now can't do with customer data under the new GDPR

Q. What happens when I get access to my customers data?

A. From the 25th May 2018 you will now need to comply with the GDPR. Skiddle will can help you with any questions you have regarding customers data, however, we advise you contact the ICO for your own policies/processes.

Q. Does all this apply to me?

A. Yes, the GDPR affects any business or individual handling data, this doesn't matter if your event sells 1 ticket or 100k tickets, you will need to comply with the new legislation.

Q. Will I need to sign a new contract?

A. You will need to accept and sign a new agreement. This agreement is to ensure you understand that once the data has left Skiddle it is your responsibility. It will also include important updates to the data protection agreement, which is now replaced with the GDPR

Q. I have just signed a contract, will I need to sign another one?

A. In short no, however everyone on old contracts will need to sign a new variation agreement, this is to amend the previous terms on your old contract.

Q. What happens if I want to send an eflyer?

A. If you are wanting to book an e-flyer from Skiddle then nothing has changed. Our customers have already agreed to receive marketing from ourselves. We only send relevant events marketing to our customers. If you are wanting to send direct marketing then you must make sure you have consent from the customer to do so. You will only receive opted in customers from Skiddle. You must only use your customers information for relevant marketing.

Q. Can I market ‘other’ products to the database I have?

A. If you have NOT obtained consent about marketing the specific product to customers then no, however, if you have obtained consent about that specific product then yes, but you must be very careful when doing this post 25th May. For further information please seek legal advice or contact the ICO.

Q. How do I know if my customers are opted in?

A. At Skiddle you will have access to two sections of customer data, the first section is the Customer Admin screen, this is where all your orders are held, this section is not for marketing and will be made clear when you access this section. The second section is under Analyse, in this section you will have the option to download the customers data for marketing purposes, you will only be able to see the customers details if they have opted in for marketing. This will be made very clear.

Q. Who are the ICO?

A. The ICO stands for the Information Commissioner's Office and is the UK's independent body set up to uphold information rights. You can contact them directly for advice, whilst they are the ones issuing heavy fines, they are also there to assist you.

Q. What are Skiddle doing internally about the GDPR?

A. Skiddle has been hard at work making the relevant changes to becoming compliant with the new GDPR. We have looked into all our data processes to assess the risk to the Data Subject, we have undertaken data protection impact assessments to add in extra security measures. All our staff have undergone training.

Q. Can Skiddle email me my customers data?

A. We have always made sure that any emails with sensitive data on (customer lists etc) have been encrypted, however, moving forward we will no longer be able to email you any customer data. You will need to obtain this in your promotion centre from the 25th May onwards. We cannot even access the customer data to make this extra secure.

Q. What do I do with all the old email addresses I have?

A. If you have old data and never hear anything from them, then now is the time to probably delete it. That may sound a bold move, however, For marketers, GDPR will improve the way your organisation builds up databases and how and why you collect data, and it will force you to only market to people who actually want to hear from you – all of which will make your marketing more effective. If you're in doubt then you should consult the ICO

Q. I run a yearly event, how long can I keep sending my own e-flyers out?

A. You need to place yourself in the customer's position, they are probably wanting to hear about your next events but you must take care not to constantly send them e-flyers if they aren't responding to them. This also all depends on your own retention policy. We would advise putting one in place, for more information check out the ICO’s site in retention.

Q. How will Skiddle help me?

A. We are here to assist with any questions you may have on your customers using Skiddles services. Please note that we cannot offer legal advice, if you have any concerns you would need to speak to the ICO directly.

Q. What are Skiddle doing about protecting my customers?

A. We have tightened up our privacy policy and are being more transparent about how we collect and use customers data. We have added in extra security checks with our customer care team. We only send relevant marketing to our customers, so our customers never get spammed.

Q. Why are Skiddle using a soft Opt In on their checkout?

A. We are using Legitimate Interest for Skiddle marketing. After conversations with the ICO and running a ‘Legitimate Interest Assessment’ form on each area of our marketing, we have decided that using a soft opt in is essential for our business. We also make this very clear for customers to opt out of any marketing at any time.

Q. Why do I have to show my name or name of my/our company on the checkout now?

A. The law has now changed and all Third Parties involved with Skiddle are now named in clear positions.

Q. Who do I contact about GDPR and Skiddle?

A. You can contact the data protection manager on or telephone your account manager on 03333 03 01 03

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