How to add an event

An in-depth guide to adding your event to Skiddle in 5 simple steps

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Listing events with Skiddle could not be more straightforward! In fact, it's just 5 simple steps.

Before you start, ensure you have a promoter account by registering with us for free HERE

Once logged in, you will be shown your event dashboard scroll down on this page and click <create event>

Step 1: Basic Info

Within this first step, you will provide the necessary info to create your event.

Choose the category, add the name and enter a short description for your event. Make your short description snappy and highlight key information / the main selling points.

Select the event's venue by typing in the box and selecting yours from the dropdown. If your event's venue is not shown in the list, scroll to the bottom of the dropdown and add the venue.

Next, set the date and time - select the end date of your event in the next box.

You can also state the Last Entry / Performance starts time - this is not essential but it is a handy bit of information to display for your customers so that they can plan their arrival at your event.

Step 2: Additional Information

Tell your potential customers about your event by adding a description of your event.

You can add as much information as you like here - good quality information can lead to increased ticket sales.

Within this step, you can also add the event age restrictions, tag artists, brands and genres. For more information about tagging artists, brands and genres see HERE

Step 3: Images

Grab your customer's attention when browsing events, making them stand out in the crowd!

For best results upload a high-resolution square image with less than 20% text. The best images to use are a brand logo or artist profile picture. Events without images will not be displayed in some areas.

To help you choose the best image for your listing, see our Guide to a Good Image

Step 4: Tickets

Set up your tickets you wish to sell for your event; categorise them, stagger them and determine the on-sale and off-sale structure for these. If you do not wish to add tickets to your event, simply click <skip tickets> in the bottom right corner to move to the next step.

For a more detailed overview of how to add tickets to your event - see here

Step 5: Confirmation

Step 5.1: Event Visibility
Please choose the visibility of your event from one of the three options.
- Public will mean that your event is displayed with the Skiddle events guide, Skiddle app, and Google.
- Select Private if you'd prefer only potential customers you share the URL with to see your event. Choosing this option will mean your event is not displayed in the Skiddle events guide, Skiddle app, or Google.

- Private Passworded an extra secure method for your listing which means the event is only visible once a password has been entered, revealing the listing.

The final step before your event is created!

Review and confirm your event details by checking over all the information you've added and ensure that it is correct. You have the option to go back and edit anything that may need amending by selecting the pencil icon on the right hand within each section.

And finally! Opt to Publish Now, Make Draft or Embargo your event to go live for a future date / time.

If you choose to Publish Now, you will be able to locate your event link in Share event section located underneath the graph on the event-specific overview page.

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