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How to add a venue
How to add a venue

Unable to locate your event's venue in the system - information on adding a new venue to Skiddle

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We have over 100,000 venues listed on Skiddle, but despite that, every so often you may find that you are hosting an event at a venue we do not have in the database. This means that you will need to add it to our system.

In the venue box, start to type your venue. You can locate this box on the listing form whilst adding your event. If you have not yet added your event head to our article HERE to see how. If this doesn't show, select the + icon.

Then it’s just a case of filling in each of the required fields on the form that pops up. These are Venue Name, Address, Town, Postcode, and Description. Images are preferable though not essential.

At the bottom of this box, there are optional details that can be added including accessibility information. We recommend that this section is completed so to ensure potential customers know what the venue has to offer and whether it is suitable for their needs.

For more details on the accessibility options click HERE to see our article.

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