Due to the current climate, you may have decided to organise a virtual event. Whilst these are great, allowing anyone anywhere to partake in your event, you have to ensure customers know how to join.

Don't worry, we have made this as easy as possible for you, allowing you to include pre-event instructions within your event setup.

You can choose to list your virtual events nationwide or specific to one area. If you choose nationwide this means that anybody can take part, if you select a specific area the events are restricted and customers from that area can only take part.

You can add your pre-event instructions in Step 5 of the event setup page or by editing the listing later.

To locate this page click on the event you are looking for on the events dashboard.

On the left-hand side click the <manage event> button. Under this select <edit event visibility>

Head to step number 5 - Confirmation

Press the confirm button in the bottom right corner. (Shown Below)

Here you have your pre-event instructions.

In this section, you can include any information or links you would like your customers to know about. This is sent to them 60 minutes before your event.

Don't forget to click publish to save your changes!

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