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Why do I need an image?

Your main event image is your first chance to stand out in the listings. Our data has shown a good image can boost the views of your event by up to 10x. On high traffic areas of our website, we may not show events that do not have good quality images uploaded. To get the best from our promotional services, we highly recommend you upload an image for every event you list.
To upload an image to your event, simply select a .jpeg or .png file from your computer when prompted.

File properties

We allow file uploads of up to 10Mb in size. If you file is over this size, please resize it to a smaller version first.
We will allow you to crop your image, then we'll automatically resize. I order to ensure your image is good quality through every part of Skiddle the image must be between 800px by 800px and 1024px by 1024px.

What images work best?

Simple, plain images work best - for example a photo of an artist playing your event, or your event logo. Complicated flyers or posters should not be used as they are unclear and difficult to read at small sizes.

Things to check if your image has been flagged:

  • Too much text - Text should take up less than 20% of your image and still be legible when displayed at a reduced size, such as on our mobile app or as part of an advert. Text works great for your Flyer, however for your main event image a simple logo or artist shot works best.

  • Incorrectly cropped or stretched images - Ensure you picture is clear and not warped. If the image has been cropped incorrectly, or if the image is stretched to fit the size, this will result in the image being flagged..to stand out in the listings your image should look professional, exactly how you want to represent your event!

  • Low resolution images - Be wary of pixelated or reduced quality pictures. If you can see grainy lines around the text or fuzzy edges, try to upload a higher quality version. As with above, Remember to sell your event - your image is a big part of your first impression!

Examples of good cover images


Examples of bad cover images:


95% of images are flagged due to one of the reasons above. Take a look at the example images above for good examples! If you wish to upload your full event flyer, please use the 'Flyer upload' and ensure your 'Cover image' is a simple, artist shot or brand logo.

Note: Having a high quality image is part of making your event eligible for our free Facebook re-targeting service. As part of this you will also need to ensure your short description is between 100-150 characters. For tips on writing a good short description for your event, please see HERE

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