Writing your short description

How to write a good short description.

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The short description is an opportunity to sell your event, with a brief overview to be shown at the top of your listing page. This will also act as an event preview where space is restricted, such as when your listing pulls through to one of our partner feeds.

To make the most use of this we’d recommend using your artists, genres, keywords - any additional information to help sell your event that may not be in the title.

It’s also worth noting that the short description is the first block of text on the page past the essential event information, which means that this is what will be returning search results. Our team have put extensive work into search engine optimization, take advantage of it!

When writing your short description, Between 100 - 150 characters is ideal, remember only lower case text will pull through correctly to our partner feeds, so be sure not to use block capitals, this may result in your listing being flagged.

Short description examples

Bristol Bass kings The Blast host bassline don Skepsis for the Bristol leg of his new 'Selection' tour.

AGMP presents Big Country on their 'Return To Steeltown' 35th Anniversary Tour with The Ramonas

The MJR Group by arrangement with Miracle Artists presents British hard rock band UFO live in Leamington Spa

How to create the best short description

Promoter’ presents ‘genrebandartist’ alongside ‘support acts

Location’ of ‘artist’ comes to ‘city’ as part of their ‘name of tour

Artist’ returns to ‘county’ in support of ‘recent album’ featuring ‘new single

Of course, your keywords are interchangeable, and can be arranged to your liking, make use of your act’s press release or any quotes - get creative with it, and get selling your event!

Note: Having a good short description is part of making your event eligible for our free Facebook re-targeting service. As part of this you will also need to ensure you have a high-quality image uploaded. For tips on uploading a suitable image to your event, please see HERE

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