How to tag artists, genres & brands

How to tag any artists/ genres and brands that relate to your event and the benefits.

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To tag an artist or genre head to the Promotion Centre and click on <view all events> under the <manage events> tab and select the event you would like to add the artists for.

Once you’ve selected the event you want to add an artist or genre to on the left-hand side of the page select edit event and select Step 2: Additional Information at the top of the page.


Scroll through the pages by using the <Next> button in the bottom right corner until you reach the Tag artist page.

In the box start typing the artist who is appearing.

If the artist isn't in the dropdown list you can add them by scrolling to the bottom and clicking the + icon.

The benefits: Skiddle's Artist Alerts are automated, personalised alerts that reach users based upon their artist tracking preferences. If your event matches their preferences, they may be sent a push alert, email, or browser notification about your event informing them that one of their favourite acts is performing at your event.

Genres & Brands

On the next page, in the dropdown boxes shown below you can tag any genres and brands that fit your event.

Type in the search bar for any genres or brands that you are looking for and they will appear as you start typing. Click to select them for your event.

You can tag up to 5 genres and brands.

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