Event Brands

Info on how to group your listings together under one URL.

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What are Event Brands?

Event brands are a great tool to use if you have quite a few upcoming events under one brand. This means you can have one link for all your upcoming events. All customers that buy a ticket for an event tagged to your group will then be added to the brand. This is a really useful way to keep all customers updated on anything e.g. line up or set times changes, add news articles to the group which will notify anyone that is tagged to your brand.

You can create your own event brand in the promotion centre. Simply head to the 'Promote' tab on the left-hand side and click 'My Brands'

Once on this page click 'Create new brand'.

On this page, you will need to input details about the Brand. Give your brand a name and decide what you'd like the URL to be. You can choose how you'd like the events to be displayed and add a description.

At the bottom click Next Step. This is your chance to add your brand image and choose a banner image. Once happy click 'Create Brand'.

Please Note: Once confirmed you won't be able to change the URL, so choose carefully. We recommend not including dates in the URL.

Once the event brand is made you can tag all your events by selecting the checkbox name next to the name of your event on the dashboard in the promotion centre. Then click the 'Bulk Edit' button.

In the pop-up box head to the brand's section. Search for your brand here. Once selected head to the bottom of the page and click 'Update Events'.

You can only tag events to your own event brands.

You can manage your Brand at any time by heading to the 'My Brands' section within the promotion centre.

To learn more about how you can set up brand alerts for your event please see our article here.

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