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How do I get in touch with customers and see who is coming to my event?
How do I get in touch with customers and see who is coming to my event?

Getting in touch with all customers, order admin, customer lists and finding details of who is going to your event

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If you need to see who is coming to your event and get in touch with your ticket holders, about information specific to the event they have bought tickets for, you can do this via the Promotion Centre. It is very important that when you communicate with customers using the following method, that it is only with information pertinent to the event, and not for marketing purposes, as this could incur hefty penalties for breach of GDPR.

First off, click on the name of the event you wish to view this information for on the event dashboard. Then on the left click 'Customers/Orders'.

Then click 'Customers Lists'.

Once you’ve clicked View Orders, this will show all orders for that event.

Simply click the 'Export' button on the right hand side.

You can contact your customers regarding any information pertinent to the event for example entry times, stage times, venue information, venue location etc.

The only thing you cannot get in contact with customers about is for promotional purposes. You cannot use the customer data to upsell/ inform previous or current customers about your upcoming events.

To get your customer lists for an event, you must first ensure that all tickets are closed in so that there are no unaccounted for late sales that would not appear on your list.

To download your Customer Lists, head to the 'Customers/Orders' section then click 'Customer Lists' in the Promotion Centre.

Here you can download the list as a CSV. Additionally, you can select ‘Print Rapidscan Backup List’ and print the entire list directly from that .html page.

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