Checkout questions enable promoters to retrieve specific information from customers in relation to the event, the promoter can then use the answers to tailor the event to suit the customers.

Information such as name, house address, email address and Date of birth are already collated when a customer checks out.

The changes can be made via the beta promotion centre, and answers can be viewed within promotion centre order admin page, answers can also be downloaded as a CSV.

To add checkout questions to your event, on the dashboard click on the event you would like to add them for, on the left click 'Customers & Orders' and select 'Checkout Questions'.

You will see the screen shown below:

Fill in the details of your questions and select the format you would like it to be answered using the question type box. If you start to add a lot of questions you will get a warning box highlighted as you may start loose interest of the customers. If needed you can choose to make the answer required before continuing.

Additional Information Box - allows questions to be repeated for specific ticket types. You set questions to be repeated for questions that need multiple information per ticket not per order.

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