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How can I connect my Stripe account?
How can I connect my Stripe account?
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PLEASE NOTE: Connecting your Stripe account is currently only available in our Legacy Promotion Centre. Head HERE and click "Log in (Legacy)" at the top. Log in using the same details as you do for the Promotion Centre


To connect your Stripe account head to the Promotion Centre, head to the "Sell tickets" tab at the top of the page. Scroll down and on the right hand side there is a "direct pay via stripe" button. Here you can connect your Stripe account:

Once here, click the "Connect with Stripe" button, which will then prompt you to log in to your Stripe account (if you don't yet have a Stripe account, head to to get started).

Once your account is connected, head back to the "direct pay via stripe" page, where you will see your upcoming events listed. By default, they will have the "Current Pay Method" set as "Card Payments". Click the teal "Use Stripe" button to switch this over. If done correctly, the event should state the following:

Please Note - By connecting Stripe to your account/subsequent events, payments will be processed via a third party payment processor. Skiddle do not handle the payments as the you have opted to use your own Stripe account to facilitate transactions instead of using payments via Skiddle.

When you've chosen to use Stripe as your payment processor you will be unable to revert back to Skiddle's nominated payment processor.

Important note regarding transaction verifications:

Within your Stripe dashboard/account settings you can change the options which govern how strict transaction checking is. We advise that you turn CV2 checking ON, and postcode validation OFF\DISABLED (this is the default). If you change these settings, it may result in an increased number of rejected transactions, or reduce the protection you receive.

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