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How to choose a suitable image for your event
How to choose a suitable image for your event

A list of full requirements when uploading an image for your event

Updated over a week ago

Your main event image is your first chance to stand out to customers on the site. Our data has shown a good image can boost the views of your event by up to 10x!

Here are a few of our top tips to help you choose the best image:

  • upload a high-resolution image with less than 20% text.

  • The image should be clear and of good quality.

  • Minimum resolution: 800px x 800px

  • 30mb or less in size

Please Note: Events without images are not shown in some areas of the website. Images are moderated and may be flagged if they do not follow the criteria.

Example of good images:

  • Images are of a high resolution with 20% or less text.

Example of bad images:

  • Images have more than 20% text and are a low resolution.

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