After the event's last posting date, all tickets will be purchased as collect/COBO. Our Customer Care department also receive DUPE requests from customers whose tickets are lost in the post. In both instances, customers will be advised to follow the standard Box Office procedure.

Customer Lists

To access this data please log into your Promotion Centre, head to your Tickets Overview and click 'Customer Lists'. We recommend downloading the data as close to the event as possible, to account for any additional customer dupe requests we may get.


How to differentiate between COBO's and DUPE's

Both our collect and dupe list are combined together. Orders without GA numbers were originally purchased as collect.

Any orders on the COBO/COLLECT lists that have GA numbers will need to be duped.


It is important that any orders on the collection list that contain GA/barcode information are cancelled, as they could potentially be used at the event! You may need to contact your ticket printing provider to action this.

Disclaimer: This article contains information applicable to this promotion centre. This isn't currently available in the beta PC, you need to use the Promotion Centre V 1 for this.

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