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Advanced Options when setting up tickets
Advanced Options when setting up tickets

Controls within the advanced options box and how to use them.

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Want more control over your tickets? At the bottom of the adding tickets page, in Step 4, you will find the advanced options box.

To locate the advanced options box click onto the name of the event you would like to manage your tickets for on the dashboard. On the left click Manage Tickets and View Tickets.

Locate the correct ticket next to the ticket name click the cog icon shown below.

You will see a dropdown list of actions. Press edit. This will take you to the add/exit ticket page.

Scroll right to the bottom of the ticket page and you will find the view advanced options box.

In this box, there are a number of features that can be used to control and style your tickets.

Ticket Visibility

You can select or create ticket header categories to organise and group your tickets by type. If you would like more information on adding categories have a look at our article HERE.

You can choose whether to show the number of remaining tickets to your customers or show before on-sale date & time - both of which could be used as promotional tools to encourage your customers to buy.

And, control which tickets are eligible for the waiting list in anticipation of your event selling out. More information on the Waiting List can be found HERE.

Visibility allows you to choose if you would like your tickets available to the public or if you'd rather add it as a password-protected ticket.

Optional RapidScan Customisation

Here you can add anything you want to be displayed to customers on their RapidScan ticket.

Ticket Counts & Reports

Ticket counts & reports provide you with updates regarding your ticket sales directly to your email address.

Ticket Dependency

You may wish to make one ticket dependent upon another and if so, this will mean that this ticket is not available for purchase until the master ticket is selected. For instance, you may wish to make a child ticket dependent upon an adult ticket, ensuring all children will attend the event with an adult.

In the drop-down menu select which ticket your new ticket should be dependent on. Select update ticket to save any changes.

Minimum & Maximum Purchase Amount

Choose the minimum and maximum number of tickets customers can buy in a transaction.

Our default option is Min 1 and Max 8 tickets meaning customers can buy from 1 to 8 tickets only.

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