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Physical Tickets

Selling physical ticket stock.

Updated over a week ago

You may be holding an event where only physical stub tickets will be accepted at the venue. In these cases, you are required to send our dispatch team the physical stock in order for customers to receive their event tickets.

It's useful to check your ticket counts and reports via the Promotion Centre but we'd ask that you send the full allocation of tickets available, to cover any potential sales that come through. For more advice about ticket counts click here.

It is very important that you deliver the stock to the following address by no later than 4 weeks before event date in order to give us ample time to send the tickets to customers.

FAO Ticket Dispatch Dept:

Skiddle Ltd

Ashley Hall Farm

Inglewhite Road





NB: If the stock isn't received on time or before the last posting dates then we'll need to issue all tickets as Rapid scan\COBO and it's yours (as the promoter) and the venue's responsibility to ensure that these are accepted.
The last posting date is the very last time the Ticket Dispatch Team can ship orders to customers. We need to receive the full allocation of stock 4 weeks before the event date in order to send tickets to all customers in good time.

Generally, the last date that we can post is 2 days before the event and 10 working days for international orders, however, this can differ if your event is held on a bank holiday or just after the weekend.

To keep your ticket sales open as long as possible, after this time the default delivery method will be switched to Rapid Scan e-tickets unless otherwise specified with the Ticket Dispatch Team. It's yours (as the promoter) and the venue's responsibility to ensure that these are accepted.

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