How do I reopen a ticket?

Open closed tickets to allow more sales.

Updated over a week ago

Have you closed your tickets, but now need to reopen them (perhaps you have more tickets to add to the allocation, or need to reopen them for Re:Sell)? Well not to worry, it's super easy to do!

Head into your event on the Promotion Centre and click on "Manage tickets" > "View tickets".

You'll see all the tickets listed for your event here, including their status and available allocations.

As you can see, the above tickets are closed. By clicking on the blue cog, we can see the option "Reopen". Click here to open the following window:

You then need to decide the new closing date and time for these tickets. The default setting on Skiddle is for tickets to close 1 hour before your event is due to start, however, by clicking the second option, you have the ability to set your tickets to close on a specific date and time. Once you're happy, click confirm and your tickets will be open once again!

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