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Where can I find a breakdown of my ticket sales?
Where can I find a breakdown of my ticket sales?

Analyse your ticket sales for your event

Updated over a week ago

To get a breakdown of your ticket sales, please head to the 'Analytics' tab on the left hand side of the promotion centre. Underneath this, click 'Ticket Sales Breakdown' to locate sales for a particular event or all events within a certain date range.

As standard this page shows all future events which have had sales within the last 14 days. This can be filtered using the drop down boxes at the top of the page (shown below).

This is where you choose which events you would like to view ticket sales for, whether that be all past events or a specific event using the 'Select from all events' button.

Show sales within is where you select what time frame you would like to view the ticket sales in.

The last box is what information you want to appear about the event on the screen.

Once you have finished selecting the filters, you just need to press the update report button on the right to reflect this on the screen.

This information can be accessed anytime from the Promotion Centre. You can also download the information as a CSV by clicking the 'Export' button.

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