In 2016, we launched Cool:Off; the event industry's first refund window. This offered customers a 72-hour window to claim a refund if their circumstances change, with no questions asked. This initiative proved hugely successful, boosting event sales by up to 22%, thanks to reduced customer uncertainty. (Did we mention it was an award-winning move? We probably should have.)

Cool:Off is an opt-in service at the moment, so nothing will change unless you specifically request to use this service. You can enable this within the Promotion Centre following this link when logged into your account.

To help boost sales during this uncertain time, we're now offering promoters the opportunity to extend this 72-hour window, as they please. This means you can push events taking place later in the year to your customers right now, giving them confidence that should they become ill, or change their plans, they won't be left out of pocket.

You can extend the Cool:Off window to any length between 3 days and 28 days. We're recommending that you extend the Cool:Off window to 28 days, as we believe this will strongly encourage consumer confidence and thus sales for your events. Get in touch if you'd like to enable this on your event. for general enquires if you have an account manager

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