Cool:Off FAQs
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How does Cool:Off work?

If the customer has made a mistake whilst booking or wishes to cancel their order within the Cool:Off window, they can contact us and cancel their tickets, no questions asked.

What's the advantage of offering Cool:Off?

Customers buying retail goods are used to having some flexibility. Traditionally ticket agents offer no refunds after sale. Our research has shown this can put people off buying, as they may struggle to book time off work, etc. This can have a negative effect on impulse purchasing.

When trialling Cool:Off, our stats showed offering the service boosted ticket sales by up to 22%. For the events this was enabled on, less than 0.5% of customers claimed a refund.

As the promoter, do I have the option to opt in/out?

This is an opt-in service at the moment, so nothing will change unless you specifically request to use this service. You can enable this within the Promotion Centre at this link:

Does the Cool:Off window apply right up to the date of the event?

No, the Cool:Off window is only available up to a week / 7 days before the event. This ensures your sales in the last week are protected and also encourages customers to purchase earlier.

How long is the Cool:Off window?

By default, the Cool:Off window is set to 72 hours. If you wish, you can extend this window up to 28 days.

The time starts as soon as the purchase is made and runs for 72 hours or until 7 days before your doors open, whichever is soonest. The customer will need to have contacted Skiddle either by phone/email/live chat within the Cool:Off window

Is this per event or for all of my events?

You can select this to be set either on or off by default (whichever you prefer) and you will have ability to override this on individual events within your promotion centre.

Do I need to approve requests within the Cool:Off window, or is it automated?

If you have this option enabled then refunds will be processed automatically when requested by the customer, as long as they are within the Cool:Off window.

If tickets are refunded during the Cool:Off window, do they go straight back on sale?

Yes, tickets go back on sale immediately.

What happens to the barcodes if a refund is processed?

The barcodes are automatically cancelled once the refund is processed

Can I accept a request for a cancellation after the Cool:Off period?

You will have the ability to refund customers if you wish but this will not be advertised.

We do offer refund protection so if customers have purchased this they’ll be able to apply for a refund if their reasons fall under the policy guidelines.

What happens if a returned ticket is of a lower value than the current price of tickets available at the time of the cancellation?

The customer will be refunded the cost of the ticket purchased.

If your tickets are linked via our chaining facility, it will be added to the highest price ticket on sale.

If your tickets are added separately, the original ticket will go back on sale.

What happens about remittance?

A charge will be added to your promoter account for the cost for the value of the tickets. This will usually be balanced out by the ticket being placed back on sale.

What happens to tickets purchased via a resale? Are they eligible to be refunded under theCool:Off window?

If you have opted into the Re:sell function then yes any tickets purchased are classed as a sale.

What happens if a customer's ticket has been posted out and they then request a refund within the Cool:Off window?

Refunds will not be available if the tickets have already been dispatched to the customer.

How do I monitor my ticket sales?

The daily ticket count email will show the total live sales at the point they are generated (usually 9am each day).

If you would like a live ticket count at any other time simply log into the promotion centre

What happens to my allocations if refunds are being processed automatically, will they change?

The overall allocation will stay the same, the number of sales will be adjusted to reflect current sales.

If your tickets are now on sale at a higher price and have been linked through our chain system, we will adjust your allocation to allow the returned ticket to be resold at the higher price.

Will I get notified when a refund has been processed under the Cool:Off window?

We will be offering a notification email at a later date. Until then can you see any refunds using your Order Admin tab within the Promotion Centre.

How long will it take for refund requests to be processed?

Customers can action a refund themselves via their Order History or App, these are processed instantly. They can also request a refund either by phone, email or live chat. Please note that there may be a slight delay as these can only be actioned during office opening hours.

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