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Detaching a Date from an Event Series
Detaching a Date from an Event Series
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An Event Series is made up of two or more Dates. These Dates usually occur on a scheduled basis, such as daily, weekly or monthly, however this is entirely customisable. All Dates in an Event Series share the same event details, tickets and pricing, and editing the Event Series will apply changes to all Dates in the series.

Why detach a Date?

An Event Series is great when you are running a resident club night, daily exhibition or fortnightly comedy show, but what if one of your regular Dates changes? You might have a special guest appearance you want to shout about, a different ticket price or even a change of venue. This is why we created the ‘Detach’ feature.

What does detaching a Date do?

When you detach a Date from an Event Series it will become a single stand alone event separate to the Event Series. This action is irreversible and permanent, meaning you can not add the detached Date (now a stand alone event) back to the Event Series in future.

How to detach a Date from your Event Series?

Simply go to the Event Series dashboard, find the date you wish to detach, and click the Detach button on the right. You will then see a warning modal asking you to confirm. Once you have confirmed, your Date will be removed from the Event Series and become a separate event that can be managed independently.

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