Event Series
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Please Note - This feature is currently invite only.

Event Series is a new feature which will make it easier for you to add a repeating series of events (known as ‘Dates’) across the calendar year.

All Dates in an Event Series share the same event details, including name, description, tickets and pricing. Editing the Event Series will apply changes to all Dates in the series.

How to create an Event Series?

  • Click ‘Add new event’ in the Promotion Centre sidebar

  • Set up your event as normal (event type, event name, description and venue)

  • When you reach the ‘When does your event run?’ step, select ‘Event series (Two or more Dates)

Step 1:

Step 1.1:

  • Add your Dates to the calendar by clicking the ‘+’ icon, or quickly add multiple Dates using the ‘Add repeating series’ button

Step 1.2:

  • Continue through the event flow, complete as normal and add tickets.

  • When adding tickets the ticket details, prices and allocations will be reflected across ALL events.

Please note: When creating an Event Series, Dates added will be in an 'unsaved' state until you complete step 1 of the event flow, when Dates are saved. Upon re-entering the event flow to edit an Event Series, all changes will remain unsaved until the 'Next' button is clicked to save them.

  • Grouped vs Ungrouped - You can choose between grouping your events on Skiddle, or keeping them separate.

    • Grouped: Your entire Event Series will be presented as a single event in the Skiddle search, accompanied by a calendar that displays each individual Date. Users can then select the specific Date they are interested in.

    • Ungrouped: Each Date within the series will be listed separately in the Skiddle search results and act as its own event.

To get priority access to this new feature, please email promoters@skiddle.com

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