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Resell Charges - What are they?
Resell Charges - What are they?

Why do I have refund charges on my account?

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To learn more about what Resell is and how to enable it on your account please head here.

There is no cost to yourself to use Resell. The customer reselling their ticket will forfeit the booking fee they originally paid, as this will not be refunded. The new customer will pay the face value plus any applicable booking fee, as usual.

When a customer's ticket is resold a charge will appear on your account. (Shown Below).

No need to panic, these are used as a paper trail! You DO NOT, need to go in and pay this charge. The wording on the charge is standard for all charges that are placed onto an account.

When a ticket is resold the original customer's tickets are refunded. The new customer who has purchased the ticket there ticket money replaces the original customer. However, when the remittance cycle runs it doesn't register that the first customer's tickets were refunded, so the charge deducts the funds to balance everything out.

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