What is a Chargeback?

What do I when I have a chargeback on my account?

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A chargeback is a demand by a credit or debit provider for a retailer to make good the loss on a fraudulent or disputed transaction. The bank will retrieve the funds from Skiddle and return them to the customer unless evidence can be provided that the fraud/dispute did not occur.

When you have a chargeback on your account, you don’t need to do anything for the time being, as our finance department will attempt to defend the chargeback.

When a chargeback is received, two charges will be applied to your account; the first being a reversal charge for the face value of the original order in dispute, and secondly a fixed administration fee of £12.50 + VAT. These charges are added as soon as a chargeback is received.

The administration fee of £12.50 + VAT covers the staff time to review and defend the chargeback for you. Defending chargebacks is part of the Skiddle service and as your ticketing platform, to ensure all orders are legitimate and valid for your event.

Should we successfully defend the chargeback on your behalf, the face value charge will be reversed/cancelled from your account.

For more information on chargebacks and how to avoid them, please see here.

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