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How do I configure Re:Sell for my event?
How do I configure Re:Sell for my event?

More information about the options available for Re:Sell

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You can find out more about Re:Sell in general over here

Enabling Re:Sell

To enable Re:Sell, click on the event name from your dashboard, then go to Manage Tickets > Re:Sell

This will enable the service for this event.

Please note, a ticket must be sold out for Re:Sell to activate. Customers cannot put a ticket up for resale if there's still an original allocation available to purchase.

Setting an Expiry

When a customer puts their tickets up for Re:Sell, we will keep trying to sell them on Skiddle. As we get closer to the event, the original customer may want their tickets back if they have been unsuccessful at reselling, so they can attend themselves.

The Re:Sell tickets expiry date and time is the cut-off time when any tickets that are pending Re:Sell will be closed off if not resold, and no further tickets can be resold.

Any unsold tickets will be returned to the original purchaser. We set this as a sensible default depending upon the event type, but if for example you know your customers need to travel a long distance to your event, you may wish to expire Re:Sell a little earlier so everyone gets their tickets returned in time.

Disabling Re:Sell

When choosing to disable Re:Sell, you have the option to Return all pending resale tickets to their original purchasers.

If you are choosing to permanently, disable Resell for your event this option is recommended. If you are going to re-enable resell on your event at some point this option isn't necessary.

Setting up Ticket Substitutions

If you have multiple ticket tiers for your event, for example Earlybird/1st Release/2nd Release you may not want Earlybird tickets being resold, if customers are currently paying more for 2nd Release.

Ticket substitutions allows you to specify which ticket you would like to sell, when a ticket is put up for Re:Sell.

For example, in the image below, you'll see any Advance Discount Ticket 2 tickets are resold automatically as Advance Discount Ticket 3. As such, you'll make an extra £15 on any tickets resold (the difference between the original price, and the new price)

To setup substitutions, head to the "Resell As" tab, and beside each ticket you can set the ticket you'd like to substitute.

If your ticketing is simple, you can just set the same ticket:

If you don't want a specific ticket resold (eg for guestlist places, VIPs, etc) you can select to disable ReSell for that specific ticket type:

For more visual learners please see our handy How To video below:

Useful information

Please note: If you change the ticket substitutions after some customers have put their tickets up for resell, any future and pending resales will be updated to the new substitution automatically.

If there are tickets pending resell, and you later set that ticket as "Do not resell" any pending tickets can be cancelled and returned to the original purchaser.

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