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How to activate Facebook Conversions API?
How to activate Facebook Conversions API?
Updated over a week ago

To activate, you need to generate an Access Token for your pixel, as follows.

  • Open Business Manager and select the correct business associated with your pixel

  • Go to ‘More tools’ > Events Manager

  • Locate the pixel that you wish to use to track. If you’ve already setup a pixel on Skiddle, you should use the same pixel.

  • On the pixel, go to Settings. Ensure ‘Automatic Advanced Matching’ is ON, then click ‘Show Options” and ensure each option is turned ON

  • Scroll down to Conversions API

  • Click ‘Generate Access Token’.

  • Please copy the entire access token and enter it into the ‘Tracking’ menu on the Promotion Centre (coming soon) or provide this to your Account Manager.

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