Facebook Retarget Ads
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Facebook Retarget Adverts - or Dynamic Ads as they’re also known - are a highly effective way of marketing your event to a responsive audience. Using pixels, these Ads allow us to track who has visited your event page, giving you direct access to potential customers. Find out more about the benefit of Retarget Ads and how to check if your event listings qualify.

How do they work?

  • Every Skiddle event listing has its own Pixel. As customers view event listings the pixel attaches them, so we can track who has viewed which events.

  • Facebook Retarget Ads will match the listing pixel to the Facebook users who have viewed it, and show the Ad only to them.

  • The Ad will show to these viewers repeatedly until they buy tickets. When someone buys tickets they are taken out of the audience for the Ad.

  • The Ads will show across all areas of Facebook, Instagram, and certain associated Apps (games).

What are the benefits?

  • The audience of who has already viewed an event page is exclusive to Skiddle.

  • Results have proven this is an audience highly likely to buy tickets as they’ve already reached the listing; expressing an interest in the event.

  • We can provide the promoter with a full breakdown of how the Ad is performing; reach, clicks, orders, revenue made.

Important Info!

  • The minimum spend for these Ads is £200+VAT. 20% of this is taken off as the Skiddle setup fee.

  • These Ads are in high demand and take time to set up and report on - hence the minimum £200 budget needed.

  • If the ad works and spends well extra budget can be added.

  • If the ad finishes with budget to spare we will only charge for what has been spent.

  • If the promoter has tickets funds on file sufficient to cover the charge we can take payment that way; no upfront payment needed.

  • Ads can show single events or multiple, via a ‘carousel’.

  • The Ad will only pull its image from the Skiddle event listing - if the listing image is changed the Ad will update in due course.

  • Best practice max 20% text on the image is essential for an Ad to work properly.

  • The event listing needs a minimum amount of traffic / page views for an Ad to run effectively - an Account Manager can advise on this case by case.

  • Skiddle put forward a large budget to give all our promoters the chance to benefit from this marketing opportunity through our own carousel Ads.

If you would like to see if your event is eligible for Facebook Retargetting, please contact your account manager or the Account Support team at promoters@skiddle.com

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