This article takes you through the steps to generate an access token in Facebook so that you can set-up Conversions API.

You can either follow this short loom video or the steps below:

1. Go to and select your business manager account that is associated with your pixel.

2. Select the hamburger (3 horizontal lines on top of each other) in the top left which is labelled All Tools. (Depending on your business manager, it could be either in the top or bottom left of your screen).

4. Select Events Manager.

3. Next choose the correct pixel under Data Sources.

4. Go to Settings.

5. Scroll down to Conversions API and just below in blue you will see 'Generate Access Token.' Select this and copy your token ID.

Further Steps

1. Make a copy of the access token somewhere as Facebook will not store a record of it.

2. To improve the quality of Facebook's tracking and targeting, you should also ensure that Automatic Advanced Matching is toggled on at the top of the settings page and that First Party Cookies are on, also at the top of the settings page.

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