So that businesses can easily share assets between each other, such as pixels, pages and ad accounts, Facebook allows us to connect as Partners in Business Manager.

This is the safest and most secure way as it gives you complete control over what businesses you share your assets with and what assets you choose to share. To connect with Skiddle, we just need your business manager ID, and then we'll send a connect and share request. Please follow the steps below or watch the following loom:

1. Go to and select your business manager account.

2. Select the Hamburger (3 stacked horizontal lines) in the top left and then Events Manager (depending on your business manager, this could be on the bottom left of your screen).

3. Go to the wheel in the bottom left which takes you to business settings

4. Scroll down to Business Info.

5. Under Business Information at the top you will see Business Manager ID and a 15 digit number. This is your busIness manager ID.

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