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Connecting with Skiddle as a partner in Business Manager
Connecting with Skiddle as a partner in Business Manager

How to connect with Skiddle as a partner in Facebook Business Manager in a few easy steps

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To run your ad, we need you to share your Facebook Dataset (formerly Pixel) with Skiddle so that we can track the performance of your ads accurately.

You can share your Dataset with us by connecting as a partner through Facebook Business Manager. All you need to do is share your Business Manager ID and then we will send you a request.

Please follow the steps below to locate your business manager ID;

If you need further help, please refer to Facebook's Business Help Centre here:

1. Go to and select your business manager account that is associated with your pixel.

2. Select Settings (Cog symbol at the bottom of your screen on the far left, says 'settings' beside it).

3. Select Business Account Info (Middle column which is highlighted light blue, towards the bottom of your screen).

6. Under Business Information at the top you will see Business Manager ID and a 15 digit number. This is your busIness manager ID. Please add this to your Paid Ad Request Form.

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