Guestlist Tickets

Creating and sending free tickets to guests/artists.

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Running a free guestlist has never been easier - we have a dedicated Guestlist Manager function which issues free tickets to your guest/customer directly, and cuts out the hassle of maintaining a list at your event.

Adding and issuing a guestlist ticket

To issue guestlist tickets simply head to your ticket overview screen: HERE

From there scroll down to the event you wish to create a guestlist for, and select ‘Guestlist Manager

It will prompt you to ‘Add a new ticket type’. Select that box and then create the name of the ticket - for example ‘Artist Guestlist’; or ‘Staff Friends & Family Guestlist’ etc…

In the description add any additional info you may like them to know: where to go to gain entry at the event; the time to arrive; or if there’s any money to pay on arrival.

And then select a category, which will keep your guestlist separate from your general tickets, making it easier to keep track of.

Please note that guestlist tickets are hidden from the public, and will not appear on your listing.

Then in the next box, click ‘Add name to guestlist’. Here you will need to input the name of your guest, and most importantly their email address as this is where the ticket will be issued.

Then select how many tickets you would like issued, and finalise with ‘Send tickets to customer’.


Bulk upload

If you would like to upload numerous guestlist tickets at a time, you can choose the bulk upload option instead.

To use this you need to create a spreadsheet file, with the columns: First Name, Surname, Email, Ticket, Quantity. It is vital that they are in that order.

Then export that as a csv file, and upload it by heading to Tickets Overview > Guestlist Manager > Upload csv. Please note your guestlist ticket will need to be set up before you upload the csv.

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