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How to use the RapidScan app

Scan tickets using RapidScan

Updated over a week ago

Scanning a ticket

  • Ensure you are logged into the Rapidscan app with your promoter account details.

  • Select the event you are scanning from the list.

  • Press the red QR scanning button at the bottom of the page.

  • Hover the device over the ticket QR code to scan the ticket.

Please Note - DO NOT scan tickets / manually redeem tickets for those not attending as this could interfere with Refund claims.

Customer doesn’t have ticket

All customers are clearly informed that they must bring their ticket and reminded on several occasions, however sometimes a customer may attend without a ticket if they had a last minute printer failure, for example.

In this case, the customer’s details can be looked up on the app by searching in the search bar at the top of the page. Type the customer’s first name or surname into the box using the keyboard.

Customer’s orders will show. Please be aware there may be more than one customer with the same surname so carefully check the full name. Click on the customer's name to reveal the order details. To Enter the customer press the ENTER button.

For more visual learners please see our handy How To video below:

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