Adding Guest Users to Rapidscan

How to add users to the rapidscan app and set permissions

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Using RapidScan at your event is a quick and easy way to get customers into your event. However, you might not want to give out your password to allow others to use it but fear not Skiddle, have got this covered.

We've made adding guest users to the app even easier and they can now log in using a QR code rather than a password. This way, your password will be secure and you don't have to spend time setting up alternative passwords.

Please see below how to do this:

To do this, log in to the Promotion Centre and click the settings button in the top right-hand corner. Click on 'Manage Rapidscan devices'.

2. Then select the 'Add device code' tab (shown below).

3. In this section, start by entering what you would like the device to be called. For example: 'Supervisor'. Please note, that this is for your reference only and cannot be seen by the scanning staff.

4. Decide upon and enter a 4-digit pin code that, if needed, will grant the user further access within the app. This will include access to stats and selling.

5. Enter the location of the scanner on the site. This could be "The main entrance" or "Gate 1".

There are also additional options to restrict users from viewing different events. If you would only like the user to view specific events, please enter the names of these in the box.

6. Click 'Save' or 'Save and add another' if you intend to add multiple app users.

Once you have finished adding your users, you can manage and view these under the 'Device Codes' section.

Click on the QR icon to enlarge it.

Logging into the app using the QR code:

Once the Rapidscan app has been downloaded, click on the 'Login via code' button.

Point the camera of the device at the enlarged QR code. This will then log you straight in as that specific app user.

If you are struggling to scan the QR code, you can log in by entering the device code shown above the QR code on the screen.

For more visual learners please see our handy How To video below:

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