How to cancel your event
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To cancel your event, You need to log into your account via the promotion centre here. From here click Manage Events > View My Events Overview and select the event you are wishing to cancel.

On the left-hand side underneath the ‘Edit Details’ box there is an option to ‘Cancel/Postpone’ - please select this. Select ‘Cancelled’, this will then generate a couple of boxes to complete.

Please enter the reasons why you are having to cancel your event e.g. Unforeseen Circumstances, Bad Weather Conditions.

Please then select ‘preview’, this will then take you to a preview of the email the customers who have purchased tickets will receive. Once you are happy to proceed, you can continue to cancel your event.

We will then receive notification of this cancellation.

Refunds are processed automatically, within 48 hours be that a working day. Any cancellations processed at the weekend refunds will be processed the following Monday.

NB: Booking fees are non-refundable as agreed upon purchase however we are offering credit on a future purchase and further information about this can be found in the customer automated refund email.

For more visual learners please see our handy How To video below:

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