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Everything you need to know about creating discount codes

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Want to give your customers a treat or want to get a few last-minute sales, using our discount codes you can do just that! This can include one or multiple Discount Codes to allow a customer to receive a discount on one or multiple tickets.

To get started in adding a promotion head to the Beta Promotion Centre. Click on the name of the event you would like to add discounts to and on the left click 'Manage Tickets'. Then click 'Discount Codes'.

Here you will find your Discount Codes dashboard. Click the 'Create One Here' button.

Complete the form below. Start by giving your promotion a name, then select if you would like this to be a percentage or a fixed amount.

Depending on the options you have chosen, enter the percentage you would like to offer or the amount you would like deducted.

You then have the option to apply it to selected tickets or have it on all tickets that are on sale. Choose your preferred option. In the usage limit boxes, you can choose how many times you would like the discount code to be used.

Single-use: Each individual discount code will only be able to be used for one order. Enter one discount code per line or use the generate button.

Limited: Set a fixed number of usages. Usage limits apply per individual discount code, so with 5 different codes and a usage limit of 100, a potential 500 discounts will be available.

Unlimited: Each individual discount code will be able to be used an unlimited amount of times.

Scroll down the page to find where you enter your discount codes, if you've not already entered

Separate each discount code with a line.

For more visual learners please see our handy How To video below:

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