Same Day Payments

Early access to remittance / ticket sales following your event

Updated over a week ago

Skiddle remittance takes 2 working days to clear into your nominated bank account. However, we do offer Same Day Payments for £10 + VAT, which as the name suggests, means your remittance will clear that same day.

Same Day payments are available each week on Tuesdays and Thursdays only.

You can request a same day payment via the Promotion Centre. To do so, head into "Finance" > "Remittance" > "Unpaid report".

This screen shows you funds on your account that have yet to be paid to you.

Scroll down to locate the "Request same day settlement of your funds" section. Within here is a button which states "Change same day payment settings". Click here.

On the new pop-up window, tick the box that states "Request same day settlement for your next remittance". Upon clicking this, a second option appears. Ticking the second box will apply same day payments to all future remittances on your account until you untick this box. Click save.

This will automatically apply the charge to your account and will action upon the next available remittance cycle.

Please note, if you are requesting a same day payment on a Tuesday or Thursday, please ensure you submit this by 10am. We will not be able to accommodate any late requests.

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