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Skiddle Minimum Payment Threshold
Skiddle Minimum Payment Threshold

How to be paid for funds which equate to lower than £50 on Skiddle.

Updated over a week ago

Skiddle has a minimum default amount for remittance which is set at £50. Accounts that are owed less than £50 will not be included in the automatic remittance run and will be paid out when the threshold has been reached.

If you would like to override this default, you will be able to request a minimum payout via logging into your account and selecting the button at the bottom of the link below.

There is no extra cost for this service. When you have selected to 'request a minimum payout' your funds will be included within the next remittance cycle.

Please note, the option to 'request a minimum payout' will only be available when the amount owed to you is under the threshold.

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